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Zombie BBQ concept (un)lives up to its awesome name

Eric Caoili

"Once upon a time there was a fantastic world where fairy tale creatures dwelt and all was peace and harmony ... till the zombies came to eat out their brains!" What an introduction!

Despite the entertaining scenarios we came up with to accompany Zombie BBQ's name, we doubted that the actual project would satisfy our hopes. After all, Barcelona-based Gammick is a newcomer publisher, and developer Enjoy Up's last release, Chronos Twins, didn't capture the hearts of many gamers.

With those concerns now out of the way, we're happy to report that Zombie BBQ is definitely worth your interest! In this unique title, you play as a gun-toting Little Red Riding Hood in a vertical-scrolling shooter (think Gunsmoke), blasting an array of monsters that have invaded "Fairy Tale land."

We have a collection of screenshots and artwork in the gallery below (the better to show you, dear readers!), so skip on over and start clicking. Zombie BBQ is scheduled to hit stores this October, just in time for Halloween!


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