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An incomplete list of 'The Greatest Co-Op Games of All Time'

Eric Caoili

We love "Greatest of All Time" lists as much as the next guy, but Exploding Barrel's tally of the best cooperative multiplayer titles has a few glaring holes that we felt would be irresponsible to ignore. For your reference, here's their top ten:
  • Ikari Warriors
  • Contra
  • Doom
  • Double Dragon
  • Golden Axe
  • Halo 3
  • Lego Star Wars
  • Gears of War
  • Toe Jam & Earl
  • Rock Band
While the list pays proper tribute to fanboy favorites like Contra and Toejam & Earl, we have a few suggestions for improving this "draft."

First on the agenda, expand the list to include the classics pictured above. Second, replace the "inferior" games with more appropriate titles. We're sure no one would mind if we switched out Doom with Secret of Mana. While we're at it, let's cross out Halo 3 and pencil in TMNT II: The Arcade Game. And Gears of War? More like Gears of Let's Play Zombies Ate My Neighbors Instead, right?

Now that you've heard our arguments, what co-op games would you rank up there?

[Via GoNintendo]

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