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CanSecWest offers another Mac hacking challenge


If you fondly remember last year's CanSecWest hacking challenge -- won by researcher Dino Dai Zovi with a Java/QuickTime exploit that allowed him to take over the target MacBook Pro, thereby claiming it as his own -- you'll want to keep your ears open for results of the current challenge, now underway for the 2nd day in Vancouver. This year's PWN2OWN competition extends the target space to three road warrior laptops: a MacBook Air, a Sony VAIO running Ubuntu and a Fujitsu machine running Vista.

No winners were declared on the first day; that's no surprise to contest organizers, as the initial set of rules were the most restrictive. Today the ruleset allows for browser and other built-in application exploits by visiting a malicious URL, so it could get more exciting in a hurry.

Update: The MacBook Air has been claimed, per Macworld.

[via Macworld]

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