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Indie game shirts (with games) now available at Target


Next time you're running around your local Target, keep an eye out for some indie gaming love. The Experimental Gameplay Project has recently launched its own clothing line: EGPApparel. The shirts are appearing in Targets all across the United States, each featuring a particular independently-developed title. As if that wasn't filled with enough awesome on its own, each shirt includes the full version of the indie game. That's an awesome t-shirt, and an awesome game, for only $12 USD.

There are currently eight shirts in production, featuring indie titles like Tower of Goo, Big Vine, Gravity Head, Gish, and more. According to Tower of Goo developer Kyle Gabler, the shirts are appearing in Target stores nationwide, but have not yet reached every last chain location. Of course, the more people who run out and feverishly buy all eight designs, the more likely Target will be to ramp up distribution. We're just saying.

Check out a full list of participating Targets in California after the break.

The following list is of all known Target stores in California carrying the EGPApparel shirts. Targets in other states are also participating, but the only available list is for California:

191 Anaheim (S of LA)
273 Modesto (East of San Fran)
276 Victorville (outside LA)
289 Cerritos (by Anaheim & S of LA
291 Riverside Arlington (by LA)
294 North Hollywood (by LA)
299 North Ridge (N. LA)
309 Santa Maria (between San Fran and LA)
310 Sacramento Arden (N. of San Fran)
314 Fresno South (btwn San Fran & LA)
316 Bakersfield (by LA)
320 Colma (San Fran area)
330 Pleasant Hill (east of San Fran.)
937 Santa Rosa South (N. of San Fran)
1029 Encinitas (San Diego area)
1054 Tanforan (San Fran)
1100 Thousand Oaks (LA area)
1121 Birdcage Citrus Heights (NO IDEA)
1293 Costa Mesa (Newport Beach area)
1305 Cerritos West (S. LA)
1362 Burbank (one by San Jose and LA - not sure which location)
1805 VISALIA (N. of LA)

[Thanks, Kyle]

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