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Meet Champions Online's art development director

Kyle Horner

For the past few week's we've been receiving these intriguing interviews with members of the Cryptic staff who are working on Champions Online. So far, it's been an interesting month, as each week we've gotten a look into the varying madness of each team member -- in a good way. This week's interview with Cryptic Studios' art development director Shayne Herrera is especially fun to read through, as Shayne seems like the goofy-fun kind of guy everyone has a blast hanging around. We take it as a good sign that the guy in charge of CO's art development has a sense of humor -- it explains the game's rather bright and cheery color scheme a bit.

If this is your first time seeing one of these developer profiles, make sure to check up on the last three we've spotlighted as they're also quick, interesting reads.

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