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Motorola lets loose dual SIM card-packing MING A1800


Motorola's Linux-based A1600 MING 2 may still not have seen a release 'round these parts, but that apparently hasn't stopped the company from churning out a new model in the form of the A1800, which has now wound up in the hands of The Boy Genius Report. According to BGR, this one shrinks things down even further while still staying "sturdy as a rock" and, somewhat interestingly, includes two SIM card slots. Apart from that, you can expect the CDMA / quad-band GSM handset to pack a 3-megapixel camera and built-in Bluetooth, but any other details seem to be a bit hard to come by at the moment. That unfortunately also includes any word on pricing or availability, though BGR says not to expect a launch at CTIA next week.

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