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Sierra Online XBLA News


Appearing on the "Three Red Lights" podcast, Ross Erickson from Sierra Online gave the IGN Podcast a host of details regarding the company's upcoming games. The biggest of the news is that Assault Heroes 2 is actually completed, and is on the road to an April release. The second-most significant news would also be XBLA related, and regards the near-completion of Lost Cities. Concerning Lost Cities, there is still no word about he price, but the rumblings are that it could hit at 400 points. Among the smaller tidbits of information from the interview, Sierra is looking at giving adventure games a return, they're going to be publishing an award-winning XNA game, and as far as their number show, expansions tend to sell less than 50% of the originals.

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[Read, Three Red Lights Podcast]

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