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WoW Moviewatch: World of Trailer Park Boys

Moo Money

(This video contains some heavy language, but only to keep in stride with the show that it is parodying, Trailer Park Boys. You've been warned.)

Trailer Park Boys fame has reached critical mass. Not only is the homegrown, low-budget mockumentary-style taking over the globe in real life, now wowstudios (Joe Ashe) has parodied it in World of Warcraft.

While I thought that he captured the feel of the series in his shots, I do have some complaints. I'm not sure why he showed voices transmitting in WoW, but it appears sloppy. In addition, I don't know if he was attempting focal depth, but the backgrounds just end up looking blurry. Criticism aside, I thought World of Trailer Park Boys was a funny and cute parody.


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