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A mighty barbaric Friday AoC update


Six seems to be the magic number this week for Age of Conan. A few days ago our own Kyle Horner brought you six reasons to be excited about the barbaric MMO(one that was not mentioned in that splendid article was the game's drunken PvP brawling, which some of us here at Massively are drooling over!). Now the gang at Funcom has dropped their Friday roundup... which includes six updated topics!

AoC will offer a hoary host of "pick up and play" PvP minigames (such as the aforementioned Drunken Brawling) including Capture the Skull and Team Annihilation. Players join one of two teams with the sole objective of killing everyone on the other team.

Thoth-Amon is the big, bad villain of the game. He's the Earth's most powerful sorcerer and leads the snake god's cult of wackos in Stygia. You would do well to know your enemy before you set out to try strike him down (good luck with that by the way!).

On the flip side of the gold coin we have the smokin' hot Keaira, an ally to Conan... or is she? While the King once saved her life she now leads a network of spies, thieves and murderers for profit. She gets what she wants... whether by pleasure or pain. Will you work with her, or against her?

Speaking of... Aztel's not-so-merry band of bandits are as nasty as they come. His "army" consists of thousands of troops made up of warlords from the Border Kingdoms, and the worst fugitives and marauders in all of Hyboria. Messing with the "black bull" is just asking for trouble.

Troglodytes are pre-human cannibalistic savages. Those that dwell in the Atzel fortress follow the mammoth migrations hunting them not only for survival, but to train them for their own nefarious needs. While they are tolerated by Atzel's bandits the truce is an uneasy one.

Conarch Village lies precariously between Venarium and Conall's Valley. It's a den of adventure. It's also were King Conan was born.

There's bound to be a tavern there... ripe for some drunken bar brawling.

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