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Fabled Planes of Power lore part 12: The Crypt of Decay


Once a year, on the anniversary of EverQuest's launch, the gods and monsters long past their prime are given new vigor and power and are reborn as Fabled versions of themselves. For one month only, they are powerful enough to challenge even the greatest of guilds, and drop much more powerful versions of their old treasure. This year, SOE en-fables (mmm is that a word?) the Planes of Power. All the old gods, defeated and forgotten, are back with renewed strength, from the Queen of Nightmares, Terris Thule, who has no mouth and cannot scream; to the four-headed dragon that guards the fabric of reality itself, Quarm.

Along with the Fabled critters themselves, SOE is publishing the stories of how they came to be. This week: how the minions of Bertoxxulous came to find themselves in the the pestilent Crypt of Decay. Come back each week as SOE reveals the lore behind each zone until the reawakening of the Plane of Time itself.

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