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Gamers on the Street: Who's winning AV and WSG now?


Gamers on the Street logs onto U.S. servers to get the word from the front on what's going on in and around the World of Warcraft.

I'll admit it: I haven't hit the Sunwell yet. My new main is a fresh 70 ("virgin" might be an appropriate word to describe her, except that – well, I PvP), and my guildies and I are simply overwhelmed with the number of things on our to-do lists right now. None of us is much interested in braving the crowds to see the new content; we'll get there once the furor has died down.

But 2.4 introduced more than just the Sunwell – we've got AV and WSG "fixes" in action! Did the fixes really fix these BGs? I have my own thoughts about AV (fine before, fine now; lots of imbalances still, but they don't prevent me from winning most instances when my team is with me), but I haven't had the time yet to get into WSG. Ever curious, I popped in on Wildhammer realm to chat with some of the folks gathered 'round the battlemasters and get their impressions.

Howlkyo: Level 70 Night Elf Rogue <Enokcuay>

Gamers on the Street: What do you think about the changes? Have they made a difference in the balance of what happens in this battlegroup?
Howlkyo: With AV, it seems moving the horde back a bit did help, and since we still sometimes lose there, it seems that it was a fair move and made things a little more bearable there.

So the Horde normally won, before the patch?
"Normally" would be an understatement. I would say 9 out of 10, they won.

Oww. And what's it like now?
Seems more like before, pretty much even. A race to cap towers. Have a better chance, since they won't be waiting for us at Iceblood graveyard to destroy us like before, so we actually stand a chance now.

What's the normal tactic now, since the patch? I know in my own battlegroup, it's a pretty nice balance of D and O, whereas before it was always "All zerg the AS."
Well, as for tactics, I would say depends on who's in the BG. Sometimes we go 10 defense and 30 offense; other times, we go full offense because no one will stay on D. But mostly, it's take IB GY, cap towers, kill Galv and just keep moving forward

What about WSG? Done any of that since the patch?
Yeah, WSG seems the same, honestly. Still even. It seems the new patch didn't really affect that BG in a big way -- or at least not in a way that made me notice anything. Same ol', same ol'.

Well, hope things continue to go well for you. Thanks for your time!
You too, and thank you.

Saniel: Level 70 Gnome Mage <Desciples of Faith>

Gamers on the Street: So what do you think about the changes? I'm talking with another Alliance player who says they've made a big difference in the balance of Horde vs. Alliance wins.

Saniel: AV was really unfair, and WSG used to get really boring because both sides would have the flags and the game would never progress.

What's the balance of wins? I heard pre-patch it was like 9/10 wins to Horde. Would you agree? And what about now?
Yes, 9/10 Horde did win, and about now it differs on the BG. WSG was about even, and we never won AV.

And that's all due to the repositioning of the Horde starting point, do you think?
Yes, I think that because we always got pushed back to our base and we couldn't stop them.

Have the warmaster/marshal stacking buffs posed a problem?
Not that I have seen.

Done any WSG post-patch?
Yes. They have been about even on wins and losses.

Has the change in flag-holding made much of an impact?
Yes. It helps because the flag carrier is a lot more vulnerable. We couldn't touch them, before.

Orciggans: Level 70 Orc Warrior <Azeroths Elite>

Gamers on the Street
: What do you think of the changes to AV and WSG?

Orciggans: I've only played a couple WSG and one AV since the update. Didn't seem too bad to me, but I see tons of people always complaining. (Note: Orciggans went into a WSG immediately after we initiated our conversation, which also explains the lack of a screenshot for him!)

I hear it's different in AV especially.
The AV I played in was a terrible Alliance, so once I'm up against ones that know what they're doing, then I might notice it more. Horde used to always lose AB, EotS and WSG and win 8/10 AV.

Do you like the changes to WSG? Have the flags been turning over faster?
Ya, I love the changes in WSG. LOL Dam man, sometimes it would just be nuts.

So the flag carriers who hold too long are getting shredded?
Ya, somewhat lasts pretty long sometimes. But is there a loophole: If they drop it to another person, does the percentage to damage go down?

I was hoping you could confirm that for me! LOL I haven't been in yet to see.
One sec, I'll ask guild. ... Nope, no one has noticed yet.

Drat. Ah, well -- enjoy your WSG!

Katham: Level 70 Undead Warlock <Thanx For Playin>

Gamers on the Street: Who dominates AV in this battlegroup? Horde?
Katham: Kind of ... it all depends on the group.

Hmm -- so maybe it's actually more balanced now? Does that seem fair to say?
Yeah. Sucks though, 'cuz I love to roll Allies.

Aww. How has the new starting position in AV worked out for you?
I love it, man. It's so solid.

Really? Most Hordies seem to hate being further back.
It seemed like it went a lot quicker. IDK, man.

What about WSG? The flag rule helping keep the flag moving more?
Ugh ... We keep losing. Same with AB.

Maybe with your premade you'll have more luck. Anything else you've noticed different, good or bad, since the patch?
I love the new Great Honor quest.

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