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End War & Splinter Cell sites redirect to Ghost Recon, countdown to April 2 appears [Update]

Update: At the time of this story the Rainbow Six website wasn't acting properly, however it has been reported that it too is pointing to the Ghost Recon website via a similar overlay. This story has been updated to include the Rainbow Six site.

In the early hours of the day this morning one of our readers helped us spot a strange overlay on the official Ghost Recon website. Visitors of the site were treated to a smoking dossier (which might be a black box after all) but nothing could be done other than close off the overlay and scratch your head.

Today, both the End War, Splinter Cell and Rainbow Six sites have received similar flash-based marketing treatments. Each site includes an overlay of smoking items that appear to be from a wreckage which, when clicked, redirects visitors to the official Ghost Recon website -- home of the original mystery.

While it could all end there, today the Ghost Recon site updated with new information and a mysterious countdown timer.

When visitors click the smoking overlay on the official Ghost Recon website a map overlay of a satellite searching over Eastern Europe which locks onto a signal from the MACSAT7, which may be the wreckage covering the Ubi franchise sites. Entering the recovery module opens two data clips of fragmented audio and video that have been heavily damaged.

The campaign, dubbed the MACSAT7 Recovery is so far comprised of these two clips. The first clip sounds like chatter between pilots on the hunt for "bandits," before one is abruptly shot down (maybe the source of these files?). The second clip sounds like it could be coming from tactical command giving navigation orders to a ground team whose audio has been corrupted.

Three other videos are currently in the breaching stage and include a timer to let us know when the files will be accessible while the two current files have timers letting us know when the corrupt data can be acquired. Couple with with the top of the data file that counts down to a total decryption time of 115 hours which, by the power of our poor math skills (based on the time we did the math), points to an announcement on April 2 at 12PM EST.

The speculation is already running wild on the official MACSAT7 Recovery forum. We don't know what it is but we wonder if this could mean Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 3 is around the corner? Yes, please.

[Thanks, wh00t expired & Aaron]

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