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Hotfix roundup for Friday March 28


Drysc is keeping a post up-to-date of all the latest hotfixes that are happening. Patch 2.4 went live without too much trouble this last Tuesday, yet there is a slow but steady stream of issues popping up in the game. Each morning for the next few days we'll let you know about all the hotfixes that have come out the previous day. You can also check out all of the hotfixes for Patch 2.4.

Yesterday's hotfixes include:

  • Veneratus the Many now spawns correctly.
  • The Horde Spirit Healers in Alterac Valley will once again teleport Horde players to a different graveyard if the current once gets captured by Alliance.
  • Kael, RoS, and other bosses will now cast all of their spells. No more Kael'Thas without birds.
Of course, if something major comes up, expect to see it covered right away on WoW Insider. Enjoy your patch 2.4 fun!

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