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New Guitar Hero: Aerosmith video (Looks Like a Cash-in)


Okay, so that title is (possibly) the last time we're going to be snide about Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. The band might not be our cup of tea, but heck, Guitar Hero is fun, and the not-Aerosmith tracks are actually showing real promise for non-Aerosmith fans.

However, just in case you forgot who the real headline act is, Activision cooked up a video of the title in action, and it oozes Aerosmith. There's plenty of bragging about the band's (admittedly very impressive) achievements, before we cut to 3D models of Stephen Tyler and his fellow grandfathers bouncing about the stage to "Sweet Emotion." Actually, the rubber-lipped, leathery-skinned Tyler proves to be perfect fodder for a caricature -- visually at least, he and Joe Perry seem to be a good fit for a Guitar Hero game.

Gameplay-wise -- and we barely need to mention this, but we shall -- it looks identical. And why not? It's a winning formula.


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