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New weapon against bomb threats: waggle


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The U.S. government is apparently experimenting with using the Wii remote to control a bomb-defusing robot. They've adapted Packbot, made by the company that built my vacuum cleaner, to accept commands from a Wiimote -- we assume that includes motion input as well, otherwise there'd be no point in using the Wiimote.

The idea behind the experiment is that the Wii's "more instinctive" controls allow for better maneuvering of Packbot and thus more effective (and less dangerous) bomb disposal. As long as nobody on the Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz team is involved with programming the controls.

We're a little bummed that we'll never get a chance to play with the exclusive "Bomb-Defusing Robot" peripheral, although we know the accessories would get expensive, and also we'd probably die.

[Via Game|Life]

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