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Sirius, XM reps chat up FCC, post-merger pricing detailed


With that little Department of Justice business out of their way, Sirius and XM have unsurprisingly been quick to start chatting up the all-important FCC, and a recent filing from the agency has now revealed that lawyers from the two companies have met with none other than FCC Chairman Kevin Martin himself, along with other higher-ups. Even more interesting, however, is that the same filing also includes a full rundown of the companies' proposed post-merger pricing plans, which don't appear to have changed much from those detailed way back in the early days of the merger. Starting with the basics, the Sirius and XM "Everything" plans will hang on to the same $12.95 per month price tag, and include approximately 130 and 170 channels, respectively. From there, each service has A La Carte options starting at $6.99 a month (with additional channels costing 25 cents apiece), along with the usual package options ranging in price from $9.99 for the Mostly Music and News, Sports and Talk bundles to $16.99 for the "Sirius Everything & Select XM" or "XM Everytyhing & Select Sirius" packages. Be sure to hit up the PDF available at the link below for the complete rundown.

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