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Will the iPhone 3G frolic in the summer sun?


Way back last year, Steve Jobs mentioned that a 3G iPhone would debut some time this year. Then we started seeing iPhones being clearanced. And now, Yahoo reports that the 3G iPhone is on-track for, um, real soon now -- as early as Q3 2008 with a possible Q2 launch.

Everyone and their brother has been waiting for the 3G iPhone. So is this report reliable? AT&T declined to comment on specific launch dates. Apple declined comment. Yahoo bases its article on a report by Bank of America analyst Scott Craig. But it fits into what (a) everyone expects and (b) we already know. Is there anything new here? Possibly not. More from Apple Insider and iPod observer about possible Hon Hai 3G contracts and Kevin Rose's 3G iPhone predictions.

Does this spin & speculation make any difference to your purchasing plans for the iPhone of today -- buy now, or wait until something better comes along? Let us know.

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