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Microtune blows the whistle on converter boxes

Steven Kim

Did you get a DTV converter box yet? If so, Microtune, a company that makes tuners used in some of the boxes, may have some bad news for you. In a test of five different boxes (off the shelf) that did not employ its tuners, all five showed interference problems. Unfortunately, there's no detailed description of the observed problems, but in a letter to the NTIA, the company's President said that the units did not meet the FCC requirements for coupon-eligible converters. Sure, the fact that Microtune is the only U.S. manufacturer of tuners used in any of the DTV converters puts an air of skepticism over the whole matter. But we're in agreement with the company's contention that trouble-free operation is well worth a marginal cost increase to the consumer. Hopefully the company will come forth with a more detailed description of its findings so we'll know whether to add "has a Microtune tuner" to the list of criteria for DTV converter selection.

[Via TVSnob]

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