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New 'Ask Cryptic' talks class balance

Kyle Horner

Behold, a new 'Ask Cryptic' is here to appease all who have been awaiting it! It is again time for Cryptic to answer community questions about Champions Online -- this week is especially interesting as we've gotten some fairly insightful answers. Everything from how Cryptic is adapting the Chapions paper and pencil IP to whether or not players can expect custom power animations and the reason why is discussed.

Of course, the most interesting question ends up being about the biggest problem facing a game like Champions Online -- class balance. With an open system where players can grab any type of powers they like, a lot of thought has been and is being put into making the game as balanced as possible.

We're glad to hear that Cryptic is taking as many precautions as they can against broken power combinations. Balance is definitely going to be one of those big issues CO will have to overcome in order to succeed. If the cost of having tons of customization ends up being some carefully thought out nerfs in the future, then we'll swallow that pill. Every MMO to date has had to go through the nerfing process, as there is simply no way to know how people will exploit a system until a game goes live.

What we're even happier to hear, is that Cryptic is focusing on the strengths of their system -- which is freedom of customization within reason. We'll probably be too caught up in creating awesome super heroes to worry about whether or not a certain power might change due to people figuring out a way to exploit it.

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