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Texas Rangers secure 86 HD games for 2008 season

Darren Murph

With the start (on US soil, at least) of the 2008 MLB season right around the corner, the Texas Rangers are making darn sure their in-state rivals don't steal the HD limelight. Although a few less Rangers games will be produced in high-def compared to the Astros, there's still a healthy selection coming up. This season, a record-setting 86 tilts will be aired in HD, with 65 of those to show on FSN Southwest, 20 on KDFI (MyNetworkTV 27) and 1 on KDFW (FOX 4). Fortunately, fans in the area can get a glimpse of what they're in for when the season opener against the Seattle Mariners gets served up on FSN HD this coming Monday. For channel slots on various carriers as well as the entire 2008 HD schedule, you know where to head.

[Image courtesy of DeadCode, thanks Joe]

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