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Digital Playground thrilled with Blu-ray adoption rate, seeks to add BD-Live this year

Darren Murph

Although adult film powerhouse Digital Playground originally supported HD DVD, ended up format agnostic and finally chose Blu-ray (on its own will, mind you), it's safe to say its founder is quite happy with how the merry-go-round has played out. According to head honcho Joone, "Blu-ray sales [of its productions] are growing every month," and most interestingly, he's "seeing consumers accept Blu-ray much faster than they accepted DVD." In the end, he feels that BD winning out will be best for his firm, as the extra 20GB gives the studio a lot more breathing room to flesh out, so to speak, titles. Potentially most intriguing, however, was Joone's assertion that Digital Playground will be adding BD-Live features to its material towards the end of this year -- no, we aren't even going to guess what that addition could hold, but we won't attempt to stop you from letting your mind wander.

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