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Excitebike bracelet pops wheelies on your wrist


As much as we love ourselves some Space Invaders and Pac-Man, it's always nice to see some other game or franchise covered on craft site Etsy. When said game happens to be one of this blogger's fondest memories from ye olde NES days, it's all the better! This (gender-neutral) Excitebike bracelet from Etsy user pixelparty is a snip at $15, and if yours truly hadn't already put money aside for Mario Kart Wii, you'd better believe this would be on my wrist as I typed.

Incidentally, we previously covered some of pixelparty's bracelets in our Valentine's Day feature earlier this year. Check out the gallery below for more of his excellent handiwork.

Gallery: Pixelparty's bracelets | 6 Photos

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