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Japanese Hardware Sales, March 17 - March 23: Three-hour tour edition


It's been six days since our departure on our trusty oil tanker, the S.S. Ivan Drago, for the first annual (and last annual, presumably) Joystiq Spring Break Retreat STOP In a Paskowitzian show of patronly affection, our fearless leader opted out of the traditional beach-bound vacation, deciding it would be better a life experience for us to set out on the Big Blue in search of Black Gold STOP It's a decision we're sure he started to regret around the time a pod of enraged narwhals (with incredibly poor navigation skills) began repeatedly impaling our proud vessel with their unforgiving tusks STOP

We managed to make it to the shore of a long-deserted isle with only a few bags of Pretzel Flipz and an old-timey Telex machine, which Ross managed to modify using sand, coconut husks, and supplies from a nearby RadioShack so that we may carry out our daily posting duties STOP It's the only thing that's keeping us from turning on one another -- that, and the hope that one day, we will exact our revenge on those loathsome, mutant devil whales STOP

In topics not relating to sea mammal vengeance, this week saw the DS Lite reclaiming the throne it became so familiar with throughout most of last year, and the Wii picking up the slack it seemed to have dropped in recent weeks -- though the PSP's continued sales growth shows no signs of STOP ping STOP Wait, dammit STOP Can I start over STOP

- DS Lite: 65,055 11,789 (22.13%)
- Wii: 62,404 6,559 (11.75%)
- PSP: 59,833 2,182 (3.78%)
- PS3: 12,874 2,060 (13.79%)
- PS2: 9,930 60 (0.60%)
- Xbox 360: 1,744 337 (19.32%)

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