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Capcom kills Gamers Day event, announces CAPTIVATE08 Vegas


Capcom's pulling the plug on its media-centric Gamers Day event, replacing the happening with another media-centric summit called CAPTIVATE08 (get it? CAPtivate). This time around, however, the new event will open its doors to a few lucky members of the Capcom community.

Like the Gamers Day events, Capcom promises a lot of announcements of new games, as well as updates on in-development titles like Resident Evil 5 and Street Fighter IV. In its announcement, Capcom does not cite a primary reason for killing Gamers Day, but does state that five members of Capcom Unity -- think official Capcom fan club -- will be able to attend the summit. More information is promised on the official blog. The 2008 summit will take place in Las Vegas this May.

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