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Hayashi: Only 10 percent of ninja lifestyle in games

Justin McElroy

From Ninja Gaiden (old) to Ninja Gaiden II (new) video games have taught us a lot about ninjas. In fact, they're probably the best ambassadors of ninja culture since Soupy Sales' short-lived sitcom That's My Ninja! stole the nation's heart in the late 70s. But Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword producer Yosuke Hayashi wants you to know that there's a lot more to ninjas than flipping out and killing people. In fact, he recently told MTV, "I would say out of the entire image that you have of a ninja, we only have grabbed 10% of that. So we have this whole other 90% to go."

Personally, we'd love to see some other aspects of ninja life, like when they slice cantalopes open at the grocery store to check their freshness, learn that love is the only real power or, as seen above, get rapped about by Vanilla Ice. What ninja facet do you want to see explored?

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