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PS Nation becomes official podcast of PS Fanboy


The Joystiq network of PlayStation sites (PS3 Fanboy, PSP Fanboy) is proud to announce a brand new collaboration with the most popular PlayStation podcast on the web. At the Midwest Gaming Classic, PS Nation announced their new partnership with the Fanboys. New episodes will be produced with collaboration with the PS Fanboy team, and will be made available for download on and on the PS Fanboy sites.

"We're very excited to work with Glenn and the PS Nation team," said PS Fanboy lead Andrew Yoon. "We know firsthand how difficult it is to make a quality podcast. We know that by teaming up with PS Nation, we'll be able to give our readers what they deserve: the best PlayStation podcast on the web. With our combined resources, we're hoping to provide even more exclusive interviews, in-depth previews and reviews every single week. PS Nation has more than proven they can deliver the goods. We're glad to be joining forces."

"Mark and I are excited to partner with the Fanboys, and we hope that we can continue to be entertaining and informative for all of our listeners. This partnership opens a very large door for us, and allows us to bring the community better and more timely information than ever before," said PS Nation producer Glenn Percival. "Our format won't change much, so the show you know is staying relatively the same. The biggest change is that we'll have many more guests, and more interviews with Industry insiders. For those of you in our community that have stuck with us over the last year, don't worry, you'll still get plenty of Shenanigans and jokes about Chuck's Mom."

New episodes will premiere in April and will be available every Friday.

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