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Rock Band Weekly: 'Still Alive' free now on XBM, April 17 for PSN


[Update 7:30pm ET: Our poker buddies at X3F let us know that the extremely impatient amongst you need wait no longer. That's right, "Still Alive" is available on Xbox 360 right now; unfortunately, PS3 owners still have to wait until April 17th. Go get it!]

This is a triumph! And, of course, by "triumph" we really mean "not an April Fool's joke." Harmonix has just announced availability and pricing details for the Rock Band release of Jonathan Coulton's cult hit "Still Alive": it's dropping tomorrow for the low, low price of $0.00.

Individual song
  • "Still Alive" - Jonathan Coulton (0 MS points/ $0)
Video for this week's Rock Band DLC is after the break (including our own vid of Coulton performing the song in Rock Band live!). We're going to warn you now that the song is a spoiler for Portal, but if you haven't spent the three hours to finish Joystiq's GOTY by this point ... well, we're sorry. "Still Alive" will be available tomorrow on Xbox Live and on April 17 for PSN due to the store update.

Portal landed the top spot in our 2007 Game of the Year Awards, but who filled the other nine spots? We've got Halo 3, Call of Duty IV, Rock Band, Peggle (yeah Peggle), and more. Take a look.

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