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Rumor: GTA IV coming to DS


A French retail site has listed Grand Theft Auto IV for Nintendo DS on a sheet of upcoming releases. Tucked inconspicuously in between titles like Kung Fu Panda and Harvest Moon, it's most likely that the listing of the game for DS is a slip-up, and not indicative of any "OMG"-worthy news. The possibility for a slip-up seems even more likely when Guitar Hero: On Tour is erroneously labeled as Guitar Hero 3 on the same list.

What stands out as a bit odd, however, is the listed release date of June 15, 2008, a far cry from the international release date of April 29 for the actually-real console version. It's enough to give us pause, but not enough to keep us from breaking out the skeptical sauce. As awesome as a classic, top-down GTA on DS would be, we've got a feeling that it's just not in the cards.

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