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Survey: Religion and Second Life -- part 2


Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Manhattan College in NYC Robert Geraci has continued his survey of religious practices and opinions as they relate to Second Life, which was first given some coverage in the Second Life Insider. This new survey is slightly longer, but can be completed in under 5 minutes. Preliminary results from the first survey were informative, according to Mr. Geraci, and he's hoping for a greater turnout for this one, so do help him out!

Most startling statistic from the first survey, to us: 20% of the community would consider SL an attractive alternative to earthly life if they could have their minds uploaded into it. Really? Are you ready to deal with crippling lag, serious unexpected destabilization, and -- *shudder* -- copybots? Here's an interesting theological debate: what happens to your soul when the grid goes off-line?

[Thanks, Robert!]

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