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Sword of the New World has announced a new expansion

Shawn Schuster

K2 Network, recently named the 2008 Entertainment and Gaming Company of the Year (in Southern California), has announced a new expansion for their MMO Sword of the New World. Like any good patch, "The Land of the Dead" includes new monsters, new Cash Shop items, new spells, new elites and more. This patch also introduces the Polisher System which brings Ancestral items into the mix. These are extremely powerful and rare items which are similar to the Elite items, yet will be bound to your family only, and can't be dropped or traded.

"The Land of the Dead" includes a PvP-enabled player map filled with all creatures of the dead, where everyone is considered the enemy. It can be accessed through Los Toldos in Porto Bello, A Deserted Quay. Two new UPCs also join the fray, with the introduction of Kurt and Eduardo. These Unique Player Characters add a new element to the existing pool of UPCs we've encountered previously. So head on over to the Sword of the New World main site to check out more details on this new highly-anticipated expansion.

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