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What's new in PixelJunk Monsters Encore?

Nick Doerr

First and foremost, Q Games' Dylan Cuthbert said before this PixelJunk Monsters expansion would be released sooner rather than later. It is so. The expansion is due out sometime in April. That's pretty quick, especially if you spent last night with a friend getting perfect scores on every single map in the original. But anyway, what's new in Encore, the expansion?

A new island, Toki Island, is available with 15 new missions. The maps for the missions look quite experimental and different from much of the original island (Tiki Island). At the beginning of missions, you'll now have instant access to the mostly-useless Ice Tower. The cost of the Tesla Tower has decreased to only 10 jewels. You'll have to earn the abilities from the original game again (like running, land mine, et cetera). There's also a strange little bonus island whose purpose is unknown right now. There are also five new music tracks. We're excited, but until we get word of the final build, that's all we know for now.

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