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15 Minutes of Fame: Hello Kiddie


15 Minutes of Fame is our look at World of Warcraft Hello Kitty Online players of all shapes and sizes – both the renowned and the relatively anonymous.

Since all the hardcore HKOers are locked up in Hello Kitty Online's closed beta NDA agreement, this week's 15 Minutes of Fame chats with a young MMO player who is anxiously awaiting her turn in the Flower Kingdom. Six-year-old Amillia, a level 23 warrior on Argent Dawn and CakeMania 2 fan, enjoys the occasional hour online under the watchful eye of her mother and big brother -- but longs for the day when she can accept new quests from Hello Kitty herself.

15 Minutes of Fame: So, Amillia, when your days of Cleaving are over, what are you most looking forward to in Hello Kitty Online?
Amillia: Oooh, making my room. It just sounds so great! I want to do harvesting and go in other people's places and stores. None of my friends play World of Warcraft, but I hope that their moms will let them get Hello Kitty Online so we can play together. I hope my character looks just like me -- or maybe a little sweet kitty. I want a pink bow in my hair with flowers on it.

Did you apply to the HKO beta?
I wanted to, but we didn't have time to do the video thing, so we couldn't. We decided to wait for the game.

Is Amillia your first character in an MMO?
Yes. I started her when I was 4 years old.

Didn't Amillia start out with a different name?
Well, I named my girl after my daddy's character from beta and put "-girl" in it, and it got changed. They changed it to Amillia, but I'm used to it and I like it now. I want to name myself "Hello" something in the Hello Kitty game, but it doesn't make sense to me.

What do you enjoy doing with Amillia in WoW?
I put on my dress and I put on my axe, just in case, and then I go out and get herbs. I want to be fancy, but safe – and besides, they're all low levels where I go. I come back, and I make some potions. When Mom comes on, we go fishing and then we cook the fish in the fire that I make and we eat it. Then we go to my house in Darnassus and we lay down on the bed and go to sleep. You have to go to sleep before you log out.

We understand that you started playing WoW before you could read. How has being a reader changed the way you play?
Well, whenever my brother is playing now, I can read what people are saying in his guild chat. And now I am able to make my potions because I can read the recipes.

What instances have you run?
Only Deadmines. I've been with my brother, and I'm always mostly the tank. My favorite character there is Cookie because when we look at his loot, we decide what kind of cookie it is.

We hear you had a big day online today.
I got "Sleeve!" That's what I call "Cleave." It's my favorite one because my Daddy told me to do Sleeve one time when I was playing his warrior in that big bee place (Silithus), and I liked the way it worked. My mommy sent me 5 gold in the mail, so I could train all my abilities. Sometimes I spend all my money making potions instead.

What's your favorite zone? What zone are you most looking forward to playing in some day, when Amillia is bigger?
I like to go to Darnassus because it's beautiful and it has a little house with nobody in it that I can pretend is my house, right near the Auction House where I can buy and sell. I want to go to Warsong Gulch because it's pretty and looks like an Alliance place – but I think I need to be older before I PvP. I will probably do that when I'm done with CakeMania and Hello Kitty Online.

Thanks, Amillia! We hope you get into Hello Kitty Online soon!

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