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April Fools' Alert #1: Blizzard adds bards, brings WoW to consoles

Justin McElroy

We warned you yesterday that Blizzard couldn't be trusted on the first day of April, but zut alors have they ever outdone themselves this year with no fewer than four separate pranks! If there's an alternate reality version of you who's equally dorky but much, much more gullible, he's about to pee himself.

For instance, did you know that Lich King would be adding an awesome bard class to World of Warcraft or that WoW was coming to consoles with the decidedly old school Molten Core (there's even a trailer!)? Well, you must have heard about Tauren marines in StarCraft II, right? You haven't even seen Diablo II: Loot Pinata?

In case you're wondering what Blizzard is doing with the hundreds of millions they're earning from World of Warcraft ... it's this. It's just this.

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