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Dell to offer laptops with Qualcomm's Gobi EV-DO / HSPA chipset


HP's already jumped on board, and it looks like Qualcomm's now also managed to convince Dell of the merits of its Gobi dual-3G chipset, which will soon be finding its way into a variety of Latitude, Precision, and other unspecified consumer laptops. For those not up to speed, that welcome addition will let you connect to both EV-DO and HSPA networks the world over without having to carry two different mobile broadband cards with you, with switching between the two as easy as flipping a software switch. Unfortunately, there's no word on the exact models that'll be getting the upgrade, nor is there any word on how much extra it'll cost or exactly when it'll be available, with Dell only going so far as to say that they'll be available "later this year."

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