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Elect your Flower Kingdom leader!

Amanda Miller

Rumor has it that some of your favorite characters will be featured in the upcoming MMO as country leaders! In the spirit of Amanda Dean's Azerothian General Elections, I thought it would be fitting to find out who are the fan favorites for leaders of Sanrio.

Let's take a look at the personalities and platforms of the candidates, shall we?

A. Hello Kitty (London, England): Hello Kitty believes that friendship is the key to peace and economic stability. If elected, she promises to hold free friendship seminars and events, including trust falls, group therapy, communal gardening and a buddy system. Other key issues in her platform include the "Cookies for Love" campaign, fair market prices, and staying in school. If elected, she will be bringing Charmmy Kitty on as her advisor.

B. Chococat (the Choco-choco house): Chococat's background lies in information and communication. Chococat wants to invest money into the research and development of character modifications, from prophetic tails to hair color buffs and more. Other concerns include the preservation of chocolate supplies and combating homelessness through chocolate. If elected, Chococat has chosen to work with the Duckies.

C. Badtz-Maru (Born today! - Gorgeoustown): While B-M may look like he has an attitude, he has a real passion for animals. As such, his platform primarily consists of conservation, pet-raising, and the acquisition of new pets. He will work hard to provide "a pet for every citizen" because pets "are our future." Badtz-Maru will also be starting up several music programs, including "Music of Combat." Pochi will of course accompany B-M in his leadership duties.

D. Keroppi (Donut Pond): Keroppi wants to introduce his "Sports for Sports" campaign if elected. He believes that sports help you develop a strong and co-operative disposition, and intends to teach that "what goes around, comes around" using boomerang tournaments. Keroppi will also be starting up swimming programs, and borrowing Hello Kitty's buddy system plans. If Keroppi wins, he will be bringing Pochacco as his second-in-command. Together, they will whip you into shape and train you as PvP-experts!

E. The write-in option: You may check E in the polls and write in a favorite in the comments. With enough write-ins, your reluctant favorite might consider stepping up as a leader!


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