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Five MMOs better than World of Warcraft


No fooling. Blizzard's World of Warcraft is a great game, a hugely influential game, maybe even the best game ever written by anyone, ever. Throughout history. But now that we've GOT WoW, well, what's next? Age of Conan? Warhammer? Spellborn? Maybe.

World of Warcraft
had its roots in many other games, but none of those games stood still. Each of them looked at WoW, appreciated its roots, and said – we can do better. Other games, entirely different ones, said – we can give players something new. Here then, are five MMOs better than WoW – and why. Each takes some aspect of World of Warcraft and blows it away. Some of the games are old, some new, but all are excellent games -- and perhaps you will think so, too.

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