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HKO Insider Show episode 31 now available

Mike Schramm

The latest episode of our weekly podcast is now up and available for your listening pleasure over at WoW Radio (and it seems like Duncor's been messing with the show titles over there). WoW Insider's Eliah Hecht, John Petricelli sat down with me and "the inimitable" Turpster last Saturday and chatted, as usual, about the biggest news in the past week of Hello Kitty Online. On the agenda:

  • Lots of talk about everything to be found in the new Sanrio Magic Terrace instance, including Eliah's great writeup about all of the monsters and pet cards you can find in there.
  • What we think of all the new daily quests on the Sunny Well Isle, including that one where you have to make a bombing run to pass out cupcakes to unicorns.
  • All the unofficial changes in the latest patch as well, from the sound effect of Hello Kitty's gardening power to Badtz-Maru's new emote animation.
Plus, we read a little reader email (you can email us at, and we tracked Turpster's progress in his (probably) never-ending quest to level up a character to 70 before Wrath of the Lich King -- if he doesn't make it, he'll be banned from the Flower Kingdom forever.

Definitely check out the podcast if you need something to listen to while you redecorate your Hello Kitty house!

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