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Kitty security announcement

Amanda Miller

Earlier this week, Abby, a Sanrio Community Manager, took the opportunity to remind us all that we should be careful about sending our personal information out via e-mail. Furthermore, any e-mails sent to addresses you never gave to the Sanrio community should be considered dangerous.

If the e-mail is from "onlinegame(at)" then you can consider it safe, and if necessary, divulge certain personal information. As always, be wise; it's not just your account information, but your identity, that is at stake when it comes to scams.

If you are not on the master list, you should not be receiving e-mails about beta testing at all.

Although Abby promises that all information that you send them will be kept private, it is important to note that if your e-mail address ever appears in print it will appear partially, so that you will never be hounded by spambots. As much of a fan as I am, I'd like to keep my inbox free of "Keroppi enlargement" advertisements, thanks (we've all been there).

Have you received any curious or suspicious e-mails purporting to be official? If so, remember to click "report as phishing scam" with your e-mail service provider.

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