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Guitar Hero 3 rocks the BlackBerry, viciously


Drop your axe and pickup your BlackBerry? Seems Hands-on Mobile and Magmic Games have brought the wildly popular -- 7.5 million songs downloaded for the mobile version in less than six months -- guitar thrashing lunacy to the BlackBerry platform. The software can be picked up in two different flavors, a $4.49 subscription version that delivers 15 tracks up front with an ongoing charge of $4.49 which adds 3 songs a month to your track list. Magmic also offers a outright purchase option at $14.99 which includes the 3 songs a month. The initial crack track list includes songs like Santana's Black Magic Woman, Van Halen's You Realy Got Me, and even a bit of Black Sabbath by way of Paranoid. Aside from absolutely destroying corporate productivity, this game will add hours of joy -- and pain, we expect -- to your BlackBerry experience.

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