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Hotels are wising up, providing Wii Sports and Guitar Hero to bored guests


We keep telling ourselves we're going to play through Mario 64 some day on one of those ubiquitous N64s embedded into hotel entertainment systems, but we never get around to it -- primarily because of our unhealthy addiction to "next-gen" graphics and gameplay. Lucky for us, hotels are starting to get in on the action and hand-delivering consoles to guests, sticking a Wii in the fitness center, and offering Guitar Hero nights in the hotel bar. Best of all, Hotel Sax Chicago networked its Xboxen for Rock Band and Guitar Hero multiplayer with other hotel guests. Unfortunately, most of these hotels are charging an arm and a leg for the priveldge -- $50 an hour of Wii rental? Ouch! -- but it's starting feel like these places have at least figured out which century we're living in.

[Via Joystiq]

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