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SIXAXIS being discontinued in America, still no sign of DS3s in Europe

Jem Alexander

Well hooray for that. It's about bloody time that Sony finally says that they're discontinuing the SIXAXIS controllers. They'd told Stephen Totilo of MTV exactly that, adding that once the current stock runs out (estimated to be sometime during the Summer) there will be no more. Presumably this means that DualShock 3s will be made standard pack-ins when buying a PS3. Again, it's about bloody time.

Meanwhile SCEE are remaining tight lipped regarding any date for a European launch of the new rumbling controllers. We're hoping they'll hit before June, considering how big of a fan Kojima is of using the feature. There is a rumor that DualShock 3s will be hitting Europe a month from now, on May 2nd. If we hear anything more then we'll be sure to let you know.

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