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You got a Piece of Art!


This original drawing by Ryan Stegman, penciller of Marvel's Magician: Apprentice, isn't actually that different from any other Zelda fanart you'd find on the Internet, except

  1. it's more expensive, and
  2. it's way awesome.
We never subscribed to the idea of Zelda needing to be dramatic and intense and stuff (which, we suppose, means we're on the Wind Waker/Phantom Hourglass "team"), but we can recognize wow-inducing pencil art when we see it, and this drawing instantly evokes an adventure on which it would be dangerous to go alone.

If you're the winning bidder of Ryan's auction, you'll get not only a lovely full-color print (pictured), but the original pencil drawing as well.

[Via GameSniped]

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