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Rein shoots down our GoW2 Comic Con hopes

Dustin Burg

Gears fans, we hope you didn't book a flight to the New York Comic Con just yet, because all that talk about Gears of War 2 being shown there ... well, it doesn't look to be happening.

If you recall, earlier this week a press release was sent out on behalf of Comic Con that mentioned Epic's Michael Capps and Joshua Ortega would be in attendance talking Gears and giving a first glimpse of GoW2. But now, according to Videogaming247 who contacted Epic about the Comic Con news, Mark Rein is denying that GoW2 will be shown at the event saying that "I'm not aware that we're showing anything there." Sounds like a big ball of confusion to us. Since the whole GoW2 Comic Con unveiling isn't going down, maybe we can strike a deal with team Epic and allow them to unveil GoW2 right here on X3F. It's the least we can offer as hardcore Gears fanboys.

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