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Runco shows off "High Bright" outdoor prototype set

Darren Murph

Since introducing the outdoorsy WP-42 late last year, Runco has apparently been quite pleased with its foray into the wilderness. Now, we're hearing that the company is gearing up for quite the push into said sector. At a recent getaway in Mexico for its top dealers and representatives, the company went so far as to demonstrate an all new prototype simply dubbed "High Bright." As its title implies, the weather-resistant set boasts upwards of 1,100 nits of brightness (compared to around 450 cd/m2 for the typical indoors LCD), and Runco engineers have purportedly figured out a way to not wash out the contrast in the process. No word from down south whether or not this particular unit was headed for retail, but one thing's for certain: Runco's looking at backyard pool areas just as intently as lavish living rooms.

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