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The writer for Champions Online is awesome

Kyle Horner

Yet another 'Meet the Team' article has gone up on the Champions Online official website. This time around we meet the man responsible for making the the story for Cryptic's upcoming superhero MMO -- John Layman. The most important thing to know about Mr. Layman is other than being able to weep ultra-luminous tears he's also an bonafide comic book writer. His works include Marvel Zombies vs Army of Darkness and House of M: Fantastic Four, which were both great reads. We're expecting some very entertaining writing in Champions Online, especially from a guy who got to write a character like Ash.

When Jack Emmert said that Cryptic wanted to push the importance of story and character in CO, he wasn't exaggerating. The act of hiring John Layman speaks a lot for what we can expect from the sure-to-be-crazy world of Champions Online.

He wrote a scene with a zombie Howard the Duck chomping the brains out of Ash for crying out loud -- we mean, come on! This game had better have a great story.

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