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BattleHeat brings Azerothian armor to life

Alex Ziebart

The Euro WoW site has recently posted a brief interview with Tobias of the German workshop BattleHeat, a group that has recently crafted a real life set of Judgement, the Paladin Tier 2 armor set.

The interview gives some cool insight into the creative process of the armor, in addition to Tobias's training and experience as a Blacksmith. It is interesting to hear that while he has extensive technical training as a Smith, most of his know-how of crafting armor is largely through practice. It boggles the mind how much practice and hard work it must have taken to get to the level of expertise required to make a Judgement replica, but I'll admit I have no knowledge of the field myself.

There are some incredibly fun details on this armor that you really should see, and I've tucked some of it just behind the cut!

Being the absolute nerd that I am, the very minor details like the text here on the gauntlet just makes the armor so much cooler. It isn't just some big set of armor. It's a set of armor that someone really cares about. The little flavor is wonderful.

And of course, this couldn't be a Blizzard inspired piece without some humor, either.

Does it get more epic than that? No, my friends. It truly does not get any more epic than that.

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