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Bioscleave House aims to maintain equilibrium, requires waiver to enter


We've seen plenty of houses of the future, but none quite like this so-called Bioscleave House by artists Madeline Gins and Arakawa, which promises to force people to "use their bodies in unexpected ways to maintain equilibrium." Those equilibrium-inducing measures include, as you can see above, a vast undulating floor (somewhat curiously made of concrete), as well as off-kilter power outlets, walls painted in about 40 different colors, and windows of varying heights, all of which is designed to keep occupants and visitors "on guard" at all times. That equilibrium also comes at some risk, however, with visitors required to sign a waiver before they enter (children aren't allowed in at all). What's more, while they seem quite pleased with their creation, the artistic duo didn't build the $2 million dollar house for themselves, and they're now looking for someone else to call it home.

[Image courtesy Eric Striffler / The New York Times, thanks TSM]

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