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Bungie WWU: Legendary Forge Filters, Items


When the Heroic map pack was being touted by Bungie, their biggest talking point was the Forge possibilities with the map Foundry. With the Legendary map pack Bungie has been rather quiet regarding any sort of new Forge features. Until now. This week Bungie went all out, revealing the specialized Forge items for each of the three Legendary maps. Avalanche has walls, corners, ramps and watchtowers. Blackout has ramps and doors to block off room interiors. And Ghost Town has ramps, bridges and scaffolding.

The real star of the show however, are Forge Filters (see above for a preview of a few). Forge Filters are: "forge objects that change the camera settings to create a variety of effects." Have you ever placed your camera in a very specific location to achieve a precise image effect? Say inside of an explosion or something? Now with Forge Filters, you can CHOOSE the image effect you want applied to you image. And from ANY camera position, even during gameplay!

Wow. Do want.

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