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HDPC-20 to be used in DirecTV Media Center beta test

Darren Murph

Trust us, you all aren't the only ones wondering what the status is on DirecTV's HDPC-20 PC tuner. After assuming that it was closer to (beta) release than ever after a mysterious signup made the rounds late last month, along comes the confirmation we've been yearning for. Numerous readers have received hardware agreements as part of the DirecTV Media Center Beta test, and sure enough, it very plainly states that the HDPC-20 is the item that will be tested. Hailed as a "dual satellite DirecTV tuner (black case) including two BBC modules connectors, a DC power cable and a USB cable," those lucky enough to get in on the action may also receive a Media Center Remote, IR receiver and TV tuner card. And we all know what happens after beta testing is over, right?

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