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Immerse yourself in the art of Okami


If there's one thing to be said about Okami, it's that the game is stunningly beautiful. The cel-shaded characters and environments evoke a lovely, traditional feel that would be soothing if it wasn't quite so incredibly kick ass. If Capcom's new Okami art site is any indication, it's also incredibly inspirational, because there's a section dedicated to fan art, as well as a number of official pieces. And if you're interested in brushing up your desktop, there are several gorgeous wallpapers, available in sizes to suit even the biggest desktops. We've got previews tucked away in our gallery below.

If the web site isn't enough to fulfill all your visual Okami needs, you can order the official art book for $39.99. That only seems like a lot until you get a peek at the package.


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